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knowing I made a good choice

You have now completed the career decision-making process. You are encouraged to:
  • review the reasons it is important to make career choices and plan ahead;
  • consider how comfortable you are with the choices you've made;
  • decide whether you are ready to proceed with implementation or need to go back to an earlier step in the decision-making process.
During this career decision-making process you have selected a number of possible occupations in a chosen career direction, have gathered information about these occupations, evaluated the extent to which they take you in the direction you wish to go, prioritized them accordingly, and developed tentative educational plans. Perhaps you have already developed back up plans in the event that some of your choices may no longer be feasible.

Fall back positions are always important because life changes. You change, as may your personal situation. You know you will acquire new knowledge and new skills. It is just as certain that new experiences lead to new interests. New friendships will cause additional people to become important to you. You may find that even what you want or expect in a career may change. Indeed, you may have already have changed your mind about some things during this decision-making process.

As you and your life situation change, it is possible that previous career and occupational decisions and educational plans developed in the past are no longer appropriate. You will need to walk back through the career decision-making process to reconsider the choices you have made and weigh new options. You may even want to do that now.

Remember, you should never be afraid to reassess who you are, what you have become or your current life situation. Remember that you will recognize new interests, develop new abilities, find new friends, and change your mind. All this is part of the process of growing. The career decision-making steps you have learned in this exercise can assist you. The CDMT is, in other words, a tool for life, your life as you grow and change.