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The Career Decision-Making Tool (CDMT)

helps you:

  • select a suitable career direction;
  • identify the kinds of occupations that will assist you in following your chosen career direction; and
  • identify the kinds of learning you will need to qualify for and perform selected occupations.

It's best to use the online tool with the help of your teacher or guidance counselor.

thinker graphic Throughout this tool you will find the term "occupation" being regularly used. While the term "job" refers to a specific work opportunity with a specific company or enterprise, an "occupation" refers to a category of employment that is performed in any number of industries and companies and which involves the performance of similar tasks and requires a similar set of knowledge and skills. If you work at A.G. Edwards as a "broker," that is your "job." The knowledge and skills you use at A.G. Edwards qualify you for employment in business enterprises other than A.G. Edwards, your "occupation" is "financial analyst."

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