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Choosing Interest Assessments and Checklists

There are many tools available for students and job seekers of all ages if they wish to understand how their interests, desires and skills align with particular occupations. Some of these tools are simple checklists while others involve a more complex assessment process. Some are available for free while others require purchasing a book, software, or electronic system. Some are geared towards a particular age group while others are more generic. Here is a starter list with a sampling of these resources.

Bridges Choices Explorer
One of several Bridges proprietary products that combine career exploration with self-assessment for a focused career search.  "Choices Explorer" is targeted to middle school students.

Career Clusters Interest Survey
Career guidance tool where individuals identify their top three career clusters of interest.. The survey takes about fifteen minutes to complete and can be used with students or adults. It is a print document (not available in electronic format), and free for educational use.
Source: National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education

Career Storm Navigator
Proprietary product that provides users of all ages with a framework and seven specific tools to help them make career and life decisions.

Kuder Career Planning System
Proprietary system with career exploration, self-assessment and skills assesment in one package -- all tied to career clusters.

Monster Career Advice
Private company website that provides job search basics including interviewing, resume writing and self-assessment, as well as links to basic information about jobs.

National Career Development Association
A nnotated listing of websites that provide free self-assessments (go to "Resources").

The Career Key
Professionally-developed online career test that leads participants towards a better understanding of themselves and their options.