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Developing Curriculum

With their broader knowledge of how the world of work intersects with the world of schooling, career development professionals can help school and college administrators develop high-quality courses and programs of study. The resources in this section have been constructed by experts at the national level. Remember that educators and community members at the local level still need to be involved when developing the nuts and bolts of a curriculum plan for any given program of study.

Benefits of a High School Core Curriculum (PDF) (Word)
Research report that finds students who take a recommended core curriculum perform better on college-entrance exams, are more likely to enroll in college, and are more likely to stay in college.
Source: ACT, 2006

Courses Count: Preparing Students for Postsecondary Success (PDF) (Word)
Report on the need for college-bound students to take a core curriculum of reading, mathematics and science. Also discusses the role of sequencing and rigor.
Source: ACT, 2005

Create Incentives (PDF) (Word)
Short brief on strengthening curriculum by tying it to interests.
Source: Association for Career & Technical Education, 2007

Gateway to 21st Century Skills
Web site developed by the National Education Association (NEA) that provides learning and teaching resources.
Source: National Education Association

Reading Between the Lines (PDF) (Word)
Report that reveals that a significant number of students do not have college-level reading skills when they graduate from high school.
Source: ACT, 2006

Ready or Not: Creating a High School Diploma that Counts (PDF) (Word)
Report that outlines how states can redesign their curriculum, adopt higher standards and align their assessments so a high school diploma confers more respect and adequately prepares students for college and work.
Source: Achieve, Inc., 2004