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Establishing Strategic Partnerships and Marketing

Career development professionals can enhance their programs and services through partnerships with local businesses, community organizations, universities and service groups.

A How-To Guide for School-Business Partnerships (PDF) (Word)
Guide for individuals and organizations that are interested in engaging in school-business partnerships. Includes information on how to start, implement and evaluate a partnership, with a checklist and worksheets.
Source: The Council for Corporate and School Partnerships, 2002

ACTE Business-Education Partnership
Group of business and education leaders engaged in a common goal--enhancing the quality of the nation's future workforce.
Source: Association for Career & Technical Education

An Exploratory Study of the Relation of School-Business Partnerships and Developmental Assets to School Success Among Urban High School Students (PDF) (Word)

Research report that explores the impact of school-business partnerships on students' school success.
Source: The Search Institute for National Association of Partners in Education, 2002

Bridge To Employment Report: A Decade of Promising School to Career Partnerships (PDF) (Word)
Report that provides insight into promising practices in school-to-career partnership-building and sustainability by closely examining seven elements of the Bridges to Employment initiative and making recommendations.
Source: Bridge to Employment Program, Johnson & Johnson, September 2005

Business-Education Partnerships: Business Needs to Do More
Interview with Howie Schaffer, Public Outreach Manager for the Public Education Network, on how the business community could partner with schools more effectively.
Source: On Philanthropy, April 22, 2005

Business-Industry Relationships and CTE (PDF) (Word)
Information brief with examples of school-business partnerships and recommendations on how to establish effective partnerships.
Source: Imel, Susan, NCCTE, 2001

Career Clusters Speaker's Kit
Package of materials career and guidance professionals can use to support presentations on career clusters.
Source: Career Clusters website

Career Pathways Toolkit
Toolkit with information on partnership roles and responsibilities, and employer protocol. Provides sample forms.
Source: Workforce Strategy Center

CCTI Career Pathways technical assistance package
Technical assistance package that helps secondary and Postsecondary schools work with employers to implement career pathways.
Source: League for Innovation in the Community College

Critical Issues in the Evolving Relationship Between Business, Industry, and Postsecondary Education (PDF) (Word)
Results of a study on the relationships between technological advances, technology education, workforce training, and economic development.
Source: CORD, 1997

Guiding Principles for Business and School Partnerships (PDF) (Word)
Report that suggests a framework for structuring partnerships, based on stakeholder interviews. Also includes case studies, measures of success, and other resources.
Source: The Council for Corporate and School Partnerships, 2001.

Partners in Education
Web site with resources for developing education-business partnerships, including handbooks, templates, and tutorial materials.
Source: Broward County Public Schools

Priorities for Allocating Corporate Resources to Improve Education (PDF) (Word)
Study that explores business-education partnerships from the business perspective, focusing on how and why business partners prioritize their time and resources.
Source: Office of Community College Research and Leadership, 2004

Turning Students Into Employees: The School-to-Work Payoff (PDF) (Word)
Report that gives examples of the types of business/education partnerships developed by members and corporate affiliates of the National Tech Prep Network (NTPN) and describes how Tech Prep works within a School-to-Work system.
Source: CORD, 1996

What Works? Seven Strategies for Success.
Report that highlights seven strategies for successful school-business partnerships, based on web research, interviews, and focus groups.
Source: Daniels Fund, 2006.

Working with Boards of Education
Web page with tips for school counselors on dealing with administration and local boards of education.
Source: American School Counselor Association

Working in Partnership with Business, Labor and the Community
Document that outlines why partnerships between schools and businesses are important. Discusses partnership goals, action steps, and contacts.
Source: North Central Regional Education Lab, (NcREL), 1997