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The NTSC has developed a 9-step process for conducting program evaluations, in 16 teaching modules. Career development professionals can use this model to educate themselves on program evaluation, or to train others.

As the graphic below illustrates, the 9-step process encompasses four stages: planning, development, implementation and feedback.  Follow the links for more information on the teaching modules in each step.

Guides and Resources

Introduction Next Step Planning Next Step Development Next Step Planning Next Step Feedback

Introduction Define Purpose and Scope Define Purpose and Scope Specify Evaluation Questions Specify Evaluation Questions Specify Evaluation Design Specify Evaluation Design Create Data Collection Action Plan Create Data Collection Action Plan Collect Data Collect Data Analyze Data Analyze Data Document Findings Document Findings Disseminate Information Disseminate Information Feedback to Program Improvement Feedback to Program Improvement

Guides and Resources

Basic Program Evaluation [PPT] [WORD]  

Shows how to plan for and structure a program evaluation in 9 steps to meet accountability requirements.

ACRN Evaluation Workbook [WORD]
Gives participants a chance to think through the nine steps as they do exercises in light of their particular program.

User Guide [WORD]
Helps users explore and understand each of the 9 steps of the evaluation process.

Evaluation Resources [WORD]
Lists Web sites on various evaluation topics including: surveys, focus groups, ethical guidelines, report writing, evaluation design tools, evaluation and assessment standards, and professional evaluation journals and organizations.