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Nav Chart 1. Define Purpose and Scope 2. Specify Evaluation Questions 3. Specify Evaluation Design 4. Create Data Collection Action Plan 5. Collect Data 6. Analyze Data 7. Document Findings 8. Disseminate Information 9. Feedback to Program Improvement < Evaluation


   Module 1
   Module 2

Module 1 —  Introduction

  • Provide a general overview of evaluation
  • Provide rationale for evaluating programs
  • Define evaluation
  • List different evaluation purposes
  • Highlight local, state, and national accountability expectations

If you are responsible for an educational program, you want to be sure that it is accomplishing its goals and achieving positive things for the students. This module will help you understand why evaluation is important and why you should be continually vigilant about the outcomes of your program.

  • Why evaluate?
  • What is program evaluation?
  • What evaluation does
  • Kinds of evaluation
  • Accountability — local, state, and federal

Powerpoint: Introduction [PPT] [WORD]

User Guide [WORD]

Module 2 — Nine-Step Evaluation Process

  • Introduce each of the 9 steps in the evaluation process

Many educators are afraid to conduct an evaluation of their programs because they think it requires high-level statistical skills. Don't be intimidated! Although knowledge and use of advanced statistical procedures where appropriate is helpful, you can conduct a good program evaluation with minimal math skills and some logical planning. This module will give you an overview of the steps necessary to plan and conduct a decent evaluation of your program.

  • What it takes to plan and conduct an evaluation
  • Data analysis techniques need not use more than 6th grade math

Powerpoint: Nine-Step Evaluation Process [PPT] [WORD]

User Guide [WORD]