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Nav Chart Introduction 1. Define Purpose and Scope 2. Specify Evaluation Questions 3. Specify Evaluation Design 4. Create Data Collection Action Plan 5. Collect Data 6. Analyze Data 7. Document Findings 8. Disseminate Information < Evaluation

Step 9:
Feedback to Program Improvement

   Module 15
   Module 16

Module 15 — Feedback to Program Improvement


  • Review the continual cycle of program evaluation and improvement
  • Provide examples of opportunities to fix shortfalls
  • Provide context for how evaluation findings can be used to make program improvements

After finishing your program evaluation and disseminating the results, you still have one more step. You need to use the results of the evaluation to improve your program. This module will suggest how to use evaluation results to fix program shortfalls and make program improvements, and will give some examples. Overall, this module should demonstrate the cyclical nature of program evaluation in examining and re-examining your program.

  • Fixing shortfalls
  • Providing feedback for program improvement

Powerpoint: Feedback to Program Improvement [PPT] [WORD]

User Guide [WORD]

Module 16 — Summary and Final Exercise

  • Provide a summary of the evaluation training

This module summarizes what you have learned in the previous modules.

  • Overview of evaluation process
  • Importance of evaluating your program

Powerpoint: Summary and Exercise [PPT] [WORD]

ACRN Evaluation Workbook [WORD]

User Guide [WORD]