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What's New? Career Decision-Making Tool
NCDG for Teachers

This section helps teachers make NCDG work in the classroom. You will find teacher activities, activities and other resources for implementing NCDG. You can also search the framework by learning stage or keyword.

Teacher Activities

The teacher activities are sorted by subject area and grade level. Each lesson plan includes the relevant content standard, as well as the NCDG domain, goal and indicator.

Many states and local school districts have specific formats for teacher activities. The lessons presented here are not meant to be fully crafted, model lessons. Instead, these lessons demonstrate how career development concepts can be aligned with content standards to enrich the core lesson and further engage students in a rigorous learning process. So, think of these as seed lessons from which to grow your own.


  1. Discuss terminology...teacher activities vs. academic/career development activity.
  2. High school....9-12 vs. 9-10, 11-12

Please select a subject area to start.

Search the Framework

By Learning Stage:
NCDG framework indicators are broken out by learning stage (knowledge, application, and reflection). For information about learning stages see What is NCDG?  You can find indicators for a particular learning stage under each domain:

By Keyword:
You can also search within the framework by keyword phrase:

Additional Resources

For helping students with their post-high school plans:

  • Where the Jobs Are. Aimed at students, this paper shows how to use labor force and occupational data to plan for ones future. (PDF) (WORD)
  • After Graduation. Presents a wide array of options for students after they graduate from high school, and gives information on how to prepare for the various options. (PDF)  (WORD)

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.  You can download the reader for free from Adobe's Web site