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Title: Labor-Market Linkages Among Two-Year College Faculty and Their Impact on Student Perceptions, Efforts, and College Persistence
Date: 2005
Institute for Policy Research (Northwestern University)
“Using data from a sample of 41 faculty members at 14 public and proprietary two-year colleges, [researchers] examine which instructors develop linkages with employers; what actions they take; why they take these actions; in what institutional contexts they do so; and what factors encourage or discourage their actions. Then, using a survey of nearly 4,400 students at 14 two-year colleges, [researchers] examine students’ perceptions of teacher and college contacts, and whether these perceptions influence students’ effort at school and their consideration of dropping out of college. Combining qualitative and quantitative analyses, this study suggests that colleges may help students not only by instructional activities, but also by fostering labor market contacts.?

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