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New Mexico
New Mexico State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee

Program Goals and Emphasis

The purpose of the New Mexico State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (NM-SOICC) is to improve the quality and dissemination of job and career information. Projects include career counseling, career information centers, career information systems, coordination and publicity and statewide initiatives.

State Economic Profile

Economic and Environmental Profile

Major industries include electrical equipment, petroleum and coal products, agriculture, food processing, printing and publishing and tourism. The sectors projected to grow the fastest are information, educational and health services and professional and business services. Electronics, e-commerce and photonics are targeted high growth areas.

The January 2006 unemployment rate was 4.9%, as compared to 6.0% in April 2005.
Key Economic Sectors

• Construction
• Government
• Health Care & Social Assistance
• Leisure & Hospitality
• Professional & Business Services
• Retail Trade

State Career Resource Activities

Highlighted Activities

• The 2012 In-Brief publication summarizes information about the state job market and economy for 2002 to 2012. It provides projections for the fastest growing industries and occupations statewide and for the Albuquerque area. One of several parent publications, the brochure Shaping Your Child’s Future, was revised with the latest projections and wage information in late 2004.

• The NM-SOICC partners with the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education to create joint publications and to encourage postsecondary planning and successful transitions.

• The NM-SOICC provided support for a Town Hall to discuss a statewide high school initiative. Participants learned about the issues, weighed options, and reached a consensus about how to raise educational expectations so all students successfully complete high school and are well prepared for postsecondary education, the workforce, and participation in a global community.

Primary Activities and Trainings

New Mexico has conducted the following activities and trainings:
• Career Clusters
• Career Development Portfolios
• Career Fairs, Career Days and Job Fairs
• Career Information Delivery Systems
• Improved Career Decision-Making in a Changing World
• New Mexico College Awareness Coalition (NMCAC)
• New Mexico Placement Council
• O*NET- Dictionary of Occupational Titles
• Real Games
• Up to 21 - the Youthful Side
• Workforce in Transition
Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS)

CIDS are computer-based systems providing local, state, and national information about careers and employment opportunities. State sites for CIDS include:

Elementary Schools0
Middle Schools 35
High Schools 70
Community Colleges 15
4-Year Colleges/Universities 5
Other 20

Primary Resources

New Mexico has published the following resources:
• Career Cluster Posters
• Career Tabloids
• Dropping out - it's a Dead End
• New Mexico’s Hot 15
• Jobs for Graduates
• Look to the Future
• 2012 in Brief
• Shaping Your Child's Future
• Stay in the Game
• The Real Game Series

Program Funding and Partnerships

Other Funding Sources

The program does not report any additional funding.
Significant Program Partnerships

• New Mexico Commission on Higher Education
• New Mexico Lottery Authority
• Daniels Fund
• New Mexico College Awareness Coalition
• American Indian Graduate Center
• Gates Millennium Scholarship Program
• New Mexico Department of Labor
• New Mexico Economic Development Department
• New Mexico Voc. & Adult Technical Education

Resource Allocation

Contact Information

State Contact

Contact Person
Herb Greenwall
New Mexico Career Resource Network
New Mexico Department of Labor
501 Mountain Road
Albuquerque, NM 87103
Phone: (505) 222-4679
Fax: (505) 222-4698
e-mail: [email protected]
State Administrative Location

New Mexico Public Education Department

Regional Contact Information