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Kentucky ACRN

Program Goals and Emphasis

The primary goal of the Kentucky Career Resource Network (KY CRN) is to disseminate technical and career information, which is vocational in nature, to Kentucky’s citizens. The goals of the Office of Career and Technical Education are to 1) provide technical skills training to secondary students that lead to successful post-high school transition, 2) enhance career exploration options for secondary students, 3) collaborate with local school districts to enhance the educational growth of all students, 4) respond to the training needs of business and industry for the community, and 5) become an area center for excellence.

State Economic Profile

Economic and Environmental Profile

Major industries include agriculture (tobacco, corn, peanuts, wheat), mining (coal), horse-raising, automobile and truck manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and whiskey manufacturing. Health care, manufacturing, business and professional services and retail trade are key economic sectors, with the greatest growth in new jobs coming in technology (Internet related), financial services and transportation.

The unemployment rate in January 2006 was 6.3%, as compared to 5.6%.
Key Economic Sectors

• Government
• Health Care & Social Services
• Leisure & Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Professional & Business Services
• Retail Trade

State Career Resource Activities

Highlighted Activities

• The KY CRN provided 50,000 American Careers magazines to 8th grade parents in the state. Entering the 9th grade, every Kentucky student must have an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). The magazines included a copy of the IGP so that parents could talk to their child about career choices.

• Summer Career Camps have been incorporated into the KY CRN system. These camps work with teachers, parents, counselors and students, and support the development of integration projects between the academic teacher and the technical teacher.

• The KY CRN promotes, the state’s career information Web site.
Primary Activities and Trainings

Kentucky has conducted the following activities and trainings:
• American Careers Magazines Distributed to 8th Grade Parents and Kentucky One-Stop Centers
• Facilitating Career Development Training
• Improved Career Decision-Making in a Changing World
• Summer Career Camps Activities
Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS)

CIDS are computer-based systems providing local, state, and national information about careers and employment opportunities. State sites for CIDS include:

Elementary Schools0
Middle Schools 0
High Schools 0
Community Colleges 0
4-Year Colleges/Universities 0
Other 0

Primary Resources

Kentucky has published the following resources:
• Career Information Website:
• Improved Career Decision-Making
• America’s Career Magazine with Individual Graduation Plan (guide for Kentucky students to plan goals, courses, and interests)
• National Career Development Guidelines
• State Licensed Occupations Guide

Program Funding and Partnerships

Other Funding Sources

The program does not report any additional funding sources.
Significant Program Partnerships

• Kentucky One-stop Centers

Resource Allocation

Contact Information

State Contact

Project Director
Karla Tipton
Office of Career and Technical Education
500 Mero Street
Capital Plaza Tower, 20th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 564-4286
Fax: (502) 564-3851
Web Site:
State Administrative Location

Education Cabinet, Department for Workforce Investment, Office of Career and Technical Education

Regional Contact Information