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Rhode Island
Rhode Island Career Resource Network

Program Goals and Emphasis

The Rhode Island CRN’s major program emphases are training and providing access to resources. Trainings include Career Development Facilitator (CDF), Improved Career Decision-Making (ICDM), and training related to CIDS and Real Game Series. These are offered to counselors in education institutions, government and community agencies and other educators. Resources developed by the CRN include the Rhode Island Career Anchor and accompanying teacher and parent guides, brochures and posters.

State Economic Profile

Economic and Environmental Profile

Health Care & Social Assistance is the leading employment sector, followed by Government, Manufacturing, Retail Trade and Accommodation & Food Services. Together, these five sectors account for over 60% of the state’s total employment. Manufacturing employment has been declining since 1984. Despite this, substantial job growth is projected for the Chemical Manufacturing industry. The state has invested in companies to promote biomedical, marine, and environmental technologies.

The number of jobs in Rhode Island totaled 491,600 in 2005, reflecting an increase of 3,100 jobs over the year. The state's unemployment rate averaged 5.0% as the labor force reached a record high level of 569,500.
Key Economic Sectors

• Health Care & Social Assistance
• Government
• Manufacturing
• Retail Trade
• Accomodation & Food Services

State Career Resource Activities

Highlighted Activities

• Training for educators at all levels includes the Career Development Facilitator class for certification, the Improved Career Decision-Making workshop, applying specific resources such as the Real Game Series and the CIDS programs, and scheduling additional events as needed. These may total 30 per year.

• Development of resources, including the Rhode Island Career Anchor tabloid for high school students and adults, the Rhode Island Career Navigator for middle school students, and a variety of brochures and posters.

• Support to a wide variety of programs and organizations related to education, including the School Counseling Project of the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Rhode Island School Counselor Association, the graduate program in school counseling at Providence College, the School-Based Coordinators in all high schools, the Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy, and numerous other agencies.
Primary Activities and Trainings

Rhode Island has conducted the following activities and trainings:
• The Real Game Series - provide training and support
• Career Information Delivery System
• Career Development Facilitator class
• Improved Career Decision-Making
• School Counseling Project Advisory Committee
• Develop partnerships with counselors/teachers in their schools in meeting new state requirements and NCLB
• School-Based Coordinators/Industry Field Coords. Meetings
• Maintenance of Rhode Island CRN Web site
• Primary source of information on career education and the labor market for educators, state government offices, professional organizations, nonprofits, and the public
Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS)

CIDS are computer-based systems providing local, state, and national information about careers and employment opportunities. State sites for CIDS include:

Elementary Schools0
Middle Schools 4
High Schools 26
Community Colleges 0
4-Year Colleges/Universities 0
Other 1

Primary Resources

Rhode Island published the following resources:
• Career Tabloids
• Career Tabloid Parent Guide
• Career Tabloid Teacher Guide
• Newsletter (Quarterly)
• The Real Game Series
• Posters and brochures

Program Funding and Partnerships

Other Funding Sources

The program receives additional funding from the following source:
• Other
Significant Program Partnerships

• Rhode Island Department of Education, and all education institutions (public and nonpublic)
• School-to-Career
• Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities
• Professional associations, including the Rhode Island School Counselor Association

Resource Allocation

Contact Information

State Contact

Contact Person
Joyce D'Orsi
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training Career Resource Network, LMI Unit
1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
Phone: (401) 462-8762
Fax: (401) 462-8766
Web Site:
State Administrative Location

Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

Regional Contact Information