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Vermont Career Resource Network

Program Goals and Emphasis

The Vermont Career Resource Network (VCRN) is dedicated to providing critical occupational and career development information and resources to assist youth and adults in making informed career decisions for the purpose of securing meaningful employment and successful life choices. The VCRN serves the educational community, employment and training counselors and providers, economic development personnel and all people seeking information relating to careers.

State Economic Profile

Economic and Environmental Profile

The largest employment is government, health care and social assistance, retail trade, and manufacturing sectors. Computer, electronic and electrical products led the manufacturing sector. Primary industries include maple syrup, farming (dairy), tourism, electronics, and forest products (especially paper).

The January 2006 unemployment rate was 3.4%, as compared to 3.3% in April 2005.
Key Economic Sectors

• Government
• Health Care & Social Assistance
• Leisure & Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Professional & Business Services
• Retail Trade

State Career Resource Activities

Highlighted Activities

• In collaboration with the Department of Corrections and Virginia Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC), VCRN’s director designed and delivered CDF training to staff working with youth in transition, focusing on the needs and barriers of that population—including their need for postsecondary education. A segment of the workshops covered financial need and financial aid opportunities for persons leaving correctional institutions.

• As part of the Career Development Taskforce, the CRN director promotes an e-mentoring program, designed by a local counselor to widen the occupational choices for rural students.
Primary Activities and Trainings

Vermont has conducted the following activities and trainings:
• Career Development Resources Training
• Career Development Taskforce
• Career Information Delivery Systems
• Career Video Presentation
• E-Guidance
• National Career Development Guidelines
• O*NET- Dictionary of Occupational Titles
• Regional and national conference Presentations
• Real Game
Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS)

CIDS are computer-based systems providing local, state, and national information about careers and employment opportunities. State sites for CIDS include:

Elementary Schools20
Middle Schools 25
High Schools 68
Community Colleges 1
4-Year Colleges/Universities 5
Other 50

Primary Resources

Vermont has published the following resources:
• Career Development Portfolios
• Career Tabloids
• Facilitating Career Development
• Federal Occupational Outlook Handbook
• Real Game Series
• State Licensed Occupations Guide
• Vermont CRN Website Bookmarks

Program Funding and Partnerships

Other Funding Sources

The program does not report any additional funding sources.
Significant Program Partnerships

• Department of Education
• Department of Corrections
• Vermont School Guidance Association
• Virginia Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC)

Resource Allocation

Contact Information

State Contact

Project Director
Sally Redpath
Vermont Department of Employment & Training
5 Green Mountain Drive
P.O. Box 488
Montpelier, VT 05601-0488
Phone: (802) 828-4394
Fax: (802) 828-4050
Web Site:
State Administrative Location

Vermont Department of Employment and Training

Regional Contact Information